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Purpose of a business website!

What is the sole purpose of a website?

The sole purpose of a website is converting visitors into customers. You need to guide your visitors through your website and get them to do what you want them to do. That action may be giving you you their email, buy a product or ask for some more information concerning a service.

Keep on wasting your time and money if you can’t get your website visitors involved with your business. They will go to your competitors who knows to connect web visitors to the business.

As such optimizing your website and landing pages, to turn the highest possible percentage of your visitors into customers is extremely important. This whole process is called Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). It is the way to increase profits from sales for less effort in time and money.

Practice what you preach!

In 2017 this website will act primarily as an Inbound Marketing experiment platform to learn from trial and error through practice.

Planning next months …

  • August … Web & Conversion Path Design with unique value proposition.
  • September … Study to attract visitors through social media & marketing.
  • October … Study and analysis of the obtained Google analytics results.
  • November … Optimization of website and content according to analysis.

Now let me share you the actions I took and the results I reached. So, come back soon to learn more or subscribe to my mailinglist and don’t miss out.