ebook Set your business objectives & goals

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Setting your business goals is the most powerful way to support your business dream dedication.

A plan cannot exist without objectives

Many are so excited about starting their business, but many fail to prepare a plan that helps them to reach their long-term business goal. Instead they focus on what will get them through the day and what they believe will launch their business.

It is long term planning and small short term goals that keeps you focussing on your priorities. The amount of small goals you have reached is one way to measure the progress and success of your business.

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail
… Benjamin Franklin

What you will learn …

  • Learn to set the proper short term goals to reach your big dream.
  • Learn to manage your time wisely for work, leisure and family.

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Marketing actions & skills

September 29th … The process with the essential marketing actions to do and the skills to learn for you to build your business for this chapter has been worked out. The essential goal setting actions includes as well the skills for how to overcome fear of failure.

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ebook Set your business objectives and goals

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