Identify your brand identity

You have learned in “Find your brand DNA”, that with an honest presentation of yourself and your business, you can reach your target market. In this eBook we will work on that presentation of your business. Your visual presentation is for the next eBook, now we focus on branding your business by giving it an identity.

This is maybe one of the most underestimated steps and where many fail. A personality is what differentiate people from each other. As such, by giving a business an identity it becomes more meaningful for a customer, a business where they can relate to. It is a strategy that gives a business the possibility to position itself within its target market, and it creates a greater customer experience.

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Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room … Jeff Bezos

Identify your brand identity ebook

Version 01.01 – October 2016

2017 … It is not about what it is, but what it will become!

The marketing guide is a work in progress. It took 6 years of study, but now day by day the guide is getting its shape. Curious how this project evolves? Subscribe and let me surprise you.

I Work for a cause, not for applause.

I do not seek praise. Happy to learn from you and hear your opinion.

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