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The Step by Step Business Marketing Guide provides you the essential marketing actions and skills to overcome all your business challenges & needs.

The market has never been so unpredictable as it is today. You can plan and schedule every single detail of your business. But there is a high possibility that once you are ready with your details, the situation in the market has changed already.

So, just get started, once you feel ready and when you have a solid base to build your business on. That will save you lots of time and money. Get started by downloading the Step by Step Business Marketing Guide ebooks.

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Flexibility … Your plans and strategies will change as the time goes. Because these same rapid changes in the market ask in the first place for some flexibility from your part.

Take your time … Read the Step by Step Business Marketing Guide chapter by chapter and take your time to incorporate the actions in your business, step by step.

Small strategies … Start with small strategies first, see what they bring to your business. Slowly continue to build up your business.

Analytics … Analyse the efficiency of each strategy and every step you make, and improve when necessary.

Improve not renew … Don’t make big drastic changes in your business, this will bring an uncertainty that can offer success, but can turn out in a big disaster as well.

Focus on your goals … However, no matter the pressure to go for immediate profits, do not compromise on your core values and focus on reaching your long term goals.

What do you need?

Your companion, a notebook … Get yourself a nice notebook to be your companion in your journey. It is your companion for all your ideas, preparations, sketches, infographics, tnotes, moodboards, ….

Keep your notebook with you all the time and write or draw down anything that comes up or you encounter on your way. This notebook is your working space.

Your foundation, a folder … Second, get yourself some kind of folder with or without plastic sleeves to gather the result of your work. Namely the important elements you need for your business: planning, contacts, business model, corporate identity, brand elements and standards, analytics and metrics, ….

Keeping your work ordered, in one or more folders that allow fast access to it when you need it, is a must. All these materials represent the foundation and the reason of your business.

Your overview, a piece of paper … Third, sometimes it is useful to have a large overview of the relations between elements, actions, … in your business. As such work out schedules, overviews, inner relationships, … on a big piece of paper. Use it in the same way as your notebook, write, erase, cut and glue as much as you like. This is a working tool to keep an overview on the most essential and difficult parts of your business. You will see that it will help you to keep things simple overtime.

Fancy tools doesn’t make a difference

No need for any other fancy tool. I myself do whatever I do on an old laptop with free open-source software. Infect I have solved businesses most important problems with a free tool, something they couldn’t do with their Mac and the most expensive software.

No need to get yourself special software to do some planning or make the big overview. You will spend too much time learning that software and get a neat presentation. Focus on what is important when you are brainstorming and that is working out how you need to reach your clients.

When your business grow you can get your planning, big overview, business model, brand elements, … neatly worked out by an employee to share with your time. But as a start up this is not important. Unless you need to share it with people essential for your business, at the moment you need to reach them with professional presentation.

Follow me on …

Am I the next marketing guru?

Did I found the secret to success in business? … No I did not. Because success is not feasible.

Can any one else guarantee you the secret key to success in business? … Nobody can’t. It is not that a certain idea or action brought success to someone, that it is a guarantee for success to others. Nobody has simple reliable answers on what the secret formula of success is. Sadly enough many business success stories you meet on social media are made up.

A few examples …

  • An employee of a big marketing platform once shared by accident that they perform more than 100 marketing actions and experiments at once. Writing in their blog only about those who succeed, never mentioning the 80 other actions that failed.
  • An American Facebook marketing idol who teaches people how to reach success on Facebook, never tells that he spends each week 12000 dollar in Facebook adds. Why doesn’t he believe in his very own system?
  • A 19 year old Irish boy calls himself a success in social media and sells his services to others with that same promise. What people do not see is that he follows thousands even ten thousands of people daily and unfollows them all the next day. Day after day he does this and reaching as such a high figure of social media followers. A true disgrace.

Does this guide promise and guarantee you success in your dream? … No it can’t. And there is no any other guide in the world that can promise and guarantee you this. What I can promise you is, that this guide is the result of a personal dream to get some honesty and workmanship back in marketing. A work based on 6 years of study and 30 years of experience internationally as all-round designer and marketeer.

Can this guide help you to reach success in your dream? … Yes it can. I wish to be proud of my work by delivering a Step by Step Business Marketing Guide that offers an honest guideline in modern marketing, even if I need to say that any marketing never guarantees success.

You can’t control the hundreds if not thousands of factors which can influence your business, but you can build a model and strong structure that offer a solution to the challenges.

4 stages

A model with the essential actions and skills that can help you in building your business step by step around your personal needs and possibilities. This model consists of 4 stages, each one focus on a certain kind of process or skills in creating a business.

  • 01 | Passion & Dedication … Focuses on creating a strong mindset and proper planning to reach your big dream.
  • 02 | Brand & Identity … Focuses on market research and branding to stand out in the target market.
  • 03 | Action & Participation … Focuses on the essential marketing techniques and skills to reach your customers.
  • 04 | Analysis & Execution … Focuses on ROI and analytics to see if your marketing strategies work.

7 Chapters

The guide is divided in 7 main divisions, spread over the 4 stages.


Each chapter contains a set of actions you should make to build your business. The combination of a set of actions is called a reference. One reference may be essential to perform another set of actions later on in the guide.

Go for the experience

It is the mission of the Step by Step Business Marketing Guide to help you to reach your biggest dream. Ready to join me in the Step by Step Business Marketing Journey to reach your biggest dream?

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Ready for the experience? You are not going to reach your dreams by reading this guide. You will reach your dream by getting started and doing it. More information! Go to “Intro | Business marketing guide introduction”