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The Step by Step Business Marketing Guide provides you the essential marketing actions and skills to overcome all your business challenges & needs.

A successful business doesn’t come overnight. Success is a process that needs time and long-term effort, combined with engagement on a daily base. Successful business leaders know this, and if you know it, then you are ready to build your business dream.

The Step by Step Business Marketing Guide offers you a solution to all your business challenges you meet on your journey.

For who is this guide?

Business dream journey for startup small and big business


Business is attitude first, planning second.

The Step by Step Business Marketing Guide helps you as a startup to cultivate an attitude that will overturn the hurdles in your journey. While you set the battle in your mind straight, you can start to set up a planning that reaches long term goals by means of day by day tasks.

Learn the essential skills

As a startup you have a long road ahead to turn your idea into reality, a difficulty that many failed to overcome. The Step by Step Business Marketing Guide learns you the essential marketing actions and skills to overcome all your business challenges & needs.

> Chapter 1 | Cultivate your business attitude
> Chapter 2 | Set your business objectives & goals

Build step by step

As a startup it is important to focus first entirely on getting your product and services better and more extensive than your competition. You can’t get promoted what is not there. Otherwise you will not attract the qualitative customers your business need. On the contrary, start with a small marketing strategy online.

Download the guide next, and take your time to learn step by step, day by day to build a framework that help you to build a strong business.

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Small business

As a small business, with your startup years behind you, you certainly learned to control your efforts and strategies. But, there are crucial elements, that influence your business, you can’t control. Even small businesses run by the most driven passionate people do not fail due to lack of effort, but usually due to these elements outside their control. 82% Fail of cash flow problems and 42% because there is no market for their products or services to name a few.

Follow up crucial business elements

It is crucial for a small business to follow up these crucial business elements constantly and find solutions before they bring a business in danger. The market is in constant change and a new player or technology can be disruptive for your business before you know it.

The Step by Step Business Marketing Guide learns you these crucial business model elements you need to follow up by means of market research. Once that is done you are a step closer branding your business, to give your business the status in the market you deserve.

> Chapter 3 | Market research … What is your brand DNA
> Chapter 4 | Branding … Identify your brand identity
> Chapter 5 | Corporate Identity … Develop brand elements

Download the guide and learn step by step where you can improve, whether your attitude as leader, your market research, your marketing strategies or your analytics.

Big business

The main reason why big business fail miserably, is the attitude of executives. This result in a set back of reasonable strategic thinking, and the failure to create a culture of analysis and metrics. I learned the past years that this happens on levels such as human resource, marketing, production,… as well. Thus creating a more lethal combination that one moment will reach a point of no return.

Cultivate an open mind

Attitude, analysis and metrics are extremely important, because when the challenges become complex there is need for business analytics. And once you find out that your business don’t have the skills and knowledge to act, it is too late.

> Chapter 6 | Inbound marketing … Create brand experience
> Chapter 7 | Return On Investment … Manage the brand

It is the mission of the Step by Step Business Marketing Guide to inspire any CEO to create people-oriented strategies and leadership.

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