You Don’t Have To Be Big To Be Great
… Geert De Decker

We have reached a point in technology and market evolution where it is even difficult for specialists to follow the rapid changes in their field. A situation that involves big challenges for many small and big businesses, that will increase the years to come.

Meet Geert De Decker

All-round marketeer, web & graphic designer
Active worldwide since 1986

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Portret Geert De Decker

I see it as an opportunity to tackle these challenges. Especially, as I developed myself over the years into an all-round marketeer, web & graphic designer. All this thanks to a variety of international projects and activities I worked on since the 80’s. In my tasks as all-rounder, I combine a wide variety of commercial and creative skills with digital knowledge.

Step by Step Business Marketing Guide

It is important to me, to keep my knowledge and skills improving. As such, the ambition to develop a Step by Step Business Marketing Guide, with a chronological order of the essential marketing actions and the analytics to build a business.

Today, this guide provides me a structure that allows me to see the bigger picture of any business project I take on, and the details that bring this project to a success.

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It is my mission to help any professional and small business in their ambition to build a strong and successful business. The Step by Step Business Marketing Guide makes this possible by offering the skills and knowledge through a wide variety of manners. In such a way that any one is able to apply independently and without a third party, the essential marketing actions to build a business.


The reason that I was able to develop myself as an all-rounder is because I believe in taking on challenges as a way to gain a wide variety of knowledge and skills. Whether it is fashion design, cooking, 3D animation, travelling, illustration, graphic design, art, event organising, web design, project leading, poster design, branding, web animation, inbound marketing, social media marketing, business analytics, …

All these experience gave me a wide and open view I still use today to bring my projects to a success. Some of my projects and realisations I am personally proud of are …

Do It Yourself Urban Shrine New York

Art & graphic design

1986, the beginning … It all started in 1986, when I came in contact with mail-art. A network of artists all over the world, sending their work to one another through the postal system. Soon, I started to send out my work all over the world myself.

Artistic skills … The past three decades I participated in exhibitions and events world wide, my work has been published numerous times and can be found in collections world wide. Beside that I experimented with various techniques such as graphic art, stencil graffiti, rubber stamp art, collage, silkscreen, illustration, drawing, painting, papier-maché, …

Graphic design skillss … Along with my artistic skills I developed my graphic design skills and corporate design style for various businesses.

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Independent Arts Festival overview


From local to global … After I had a nice collection of art pieces from all over the world, I organised my very first exhibition in 1988. But, as ambitious as I am, I slowly transformed this small exhibition into an international well known event with rewarded artists. At one point it became part of the city marketing of the town Sint-Niklaas.

Project management & organization … For over 26 years I was the curator and co-organizer of this international event. During this period as my event kept growing, I developed my skills as project leader as well and made my first steps in marketing.

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Web design Independent Arts Festival

Web pioneer

That thing called internet … As my activities took attention from founders of the very first Belgian website by a city (Antwerp), they asked me if I wanted to have some pages on their website about my work. Those days I have read a couple of times about that thing called internet, so I was interested and became as such a pioneer in web design with my first website in 1992. Since then I have designed numerous websites, now specialised in WordPress websites.

First steps in internet marketing … As the internet developed into the mayor tool to market a business, I went along and learned about the opportunities of internet marketing.

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View on Geert De Decker Archive

Art collection

24 years of art collecting … My activities in mail-art lasted until 2009, the year web design and online marketing became my core business. During all those years I collected art from thousands of artists worldwide, that resulted in an enormous collection of books, magazines, records, tapes, CD’s, art pieces, video art, 3D art, …

Geert De Decker archive … Today this art collection is located in the archives of the National Museum Reina Sofia Centre of Arts in Madrid (Spain).

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Do It Yourself Fashion piece

Do It Yourself Fashion

Challenge me … Before web design and online marketing became my core business, I spent a few years on fashion design. Mail-art was not the avantgarde art scene any more as it was before, so I was looking for a new tough challenge. And fashion design was the challenge to take me out of my comfort zone.

DIY collection … One of my most successful collections, is the DIY collection. To realize the garments and accessories of this fashion collection, you need to assemble flat 2D textile pieces into a wearable 3D piece. A special system makes it possible to assemble the pieces and provides also the specific graphical look of a finished piece.

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Step by Step Business Marketing Guide

2009, a new beginning … In 2009, I moved to Spain and started a business. But soon I have done that, I wondered where to start in marketing my business. As marketing blogs did not gave me the answer, I started to search the answer myself. The Step by Step Business Marketing Guide was born. From that point on my business projects really took of as well as my knowledge in inbound and internet marketing.

Today … Today several years later I am back in Belgium, ambitiously working with full dedication and passion on updating and perfecting my Step by Step Business Marketing Guide every day.

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