You Don’t Have To Be Big To Be Great
… Geert De Decker

We have reached a point at which it is even difficult for specialists to follow the rapidly evolving technology and changes in the market. A situation that will increase the years to come, and will challenge many small businesses. To tackle these challenges I became an all-round marketing consultant & web designer, supported by my international projects and activities. As an all-rounder I combine in my tasks various commercial and creative skills with digital knowledge.

Preparation and thorough planning has always proved to be essential in the successful execution of projects I realized for business. This knowledge turned slowly into the idea of developing a Step by Step Business Marketing Guide with a chronological order of the essential marketing actions to build a business.

This guide provides me a framework that allows me to get the best out of my work for any business project. It offers the opportunity to separate what is important from what is not, while I keep an eye on the big picture, and stay up to date at the same time.

[PDF] T-shaped knowledge & skills
[PDF] Curriculum Vitae


I believe in taking on challenges to gain a broad knowledge. Whether these may be fashion design, cooking, 3D animation, illustration, art, web design, branding, inbound marketing, social media marketing, … All these challenges gave me a wide view on creativity, and an enormous experience that helped me to gain successes in various projects.

Web design Independent Arts Festival

Web pioneer

As a pioneer in web design I designed my first website in 1992. Since then I have designed numerous websites. First one in pure HTML, but slowly moving on to WordPress websites with attention for SEO, pagespeed and responsive design.

Independent Arts Festival overview


For over 26 years I was the curator and co-organizer of the international “Independent Arts”-Festival. From a small exhibition it grew up to an international well known event with rewarded artists. At one point it became part of the city marketing of the town Sint-Niklaas.

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Art collection

During the years 1986 – 2009 I collected art from thousands of artists worldwide. Today this art collection is located in the archives of the National Museum Reina Sofia Centre of Arts in Madrid (Spain).

Do It Yourself Fashion piece

Do It Yourself Fashion

To realize the garments and accessoires of this fashion collection you need to assemble flat 2D textile pieces into a wearable 3D piece. The assembly is done by a special syystem which provide the specific graphical look of a finished piece.

Do It Yourself Urban Shrine New York


For over 3 decades I participated in exhibitions and events world wide. From a young age I experimented in various techniques such as graphic art, stencil graffiti, rubberstamp art, collage, silkscreen, ilustration, drawing, painting, papier maché, …

Step by Step Marketing Guide

After starting a business some years ago I wondered how to promote my business. In such a way that with less efffort and time my business could gain big results. As marketing blogs did not gave me the answer, I started to write my very own easy to understand step by step marketing guide.