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Build your business dream step by step

What you will learn in every step

  • The essential marketing actions and skills you need.
  • The analytics to track the efficiency of your marketing.
  • Where you can and should optimize your conversion rate.

Making a profit is the primary purpose of your business. It pays the bills and keeps your business dream running. If not, it can lead your business to failure and big disasters in your personal life.

Step by step, one goes very far

The Step by Step Business Marketing Guide provides you the essential marketing actions and skills to overcome all your business challenges & needs, and build a strong growing business.

Success is a small step taken right now

There is no such thing as the perfect business marketing. Don’t stay where you are. There is always room for improvement not to mention more conversion in sales.

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Be victorious in your marketing

If you break down your business marketing down into smaller digestible chunks you can track and analyse. Then you get a clear picture of what’s working and what is not, and where you can improve in your business.

Choose where you want to start …

Passion & Dedication

Building a business with a positive attitude based on passion and dedication makes it easier for you to push through tough challenges.

Launching a business is a difficult road, but passion is one of the most effective motivators. The greatest successes are achieved by dedicated passionate people who plan to reach their long term business dream day by day.

Fear of failure? Learn to cultivate a business attitude set for success!

Chapter 1 | Cultivate your business attitude

Feeling forced to work long hours? Learn to reach your business goals in small steps!

Chapter 2 | Set your business objectives & goals

Brand & Identity

A brand is what makes you stand out in your target market. It offers constantly a point of recognition when you reach out to your potential clients who needs your products or services.

A brand is the reward for your passion and dedication of building real relationships with your audience. Learn how you can back this up with the correct market research data.

Problem finding your ideal client? Learn to be more efficient with market research!

Chapter 3 | Market research … What is your brand DNA

Fear for your competition? Learn to reach your potential clients!

Chapter 4 | Branding … Identify your brand identity

Not knowing how to stand out? Learn to stand out in your target market!

Chapter 5 | Corporate Identity … Develop brand elements

Action & Participation

Nothing is more important than reaching out to your potential customers.

With marketing strategies that align with your customer’s needs and shopping behavior. Specialized marketing efforts that offer any business the opportunity to compete with their competitors in an efficient way.

Lack of marketing knowledge and skills? Learn to set up an effective marketing strategy!

Chapter 6 | Inbound marketing … Create brand experience

Analysis & Execution

Nothing is more important than to learn to track the efficiency of your marketing efforts. This allows you to make corrections before you loose to much of your money and time.

Is your marketing efficient? Learn to analyse if your marketing is efficient!

Chapter 7 | Return On Investment … Manage the brand

Marketing consultant Geert De Decker

Who is Geert De Decker?

We have reached a point at which it is even difficult for specialists to follow the rapidly evolving technology and changes in the market. A situation that will increase the years to come, and will challenge many small businesses. To tackle these challenges I became an all-round marketing consultant & web designer, supported by my international projects and activities. As an all-rounder I combine in my tasks various commercial and creative skills with digital knowledge.

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