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Portret Geert De Decker

My name is Geert De Decker, a well-documented professional, active world wide since 1986.

“You Do Not Have To Be Big To Be Great”

... is my vision. And it is my mission to provide starters, freelancers and entrepreneurs an easy to use step-by-step guide. A guide with results-driven actions to obtain a long-term succesful business.


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Your small business marketing guide and resources

Marketing guide introduction

Always believe something wonderful is about to happen. The Marketing Guide grew out of a need any startup and small business experience. Don't hesitate and learn to gain big results with less effort and use of time! … Get started here!

Cultivate Business attitude

Is everybody born with the talent to be the next Richard Branson? Of course not, and that is no problem. Only a few are born with the talent to be great in business. But don’t worry, success in business you can learn. … Your success start here

Set Business objectives & goals

Tell me, when is your business successful? The answer is very simple. A business is successful when you have reached your objectives. And reaching your big objectives you do step by step. … Reach your goals here!

Find your brand DNA

A successful business starts by knowing the business through and through. It is essential to understand the personality of the company, its history, its function, the ethos and so much more behind it. … Learn your business & market here!

Identify your brand identity

Maybe one of the most underestimated steps. A personality is what differentiate people from each other. As such, by giving a business an identity it becomes more meaningful for a customer. … Find your brand identity here

Develop Brand elements

Give your business a proper corporate identity, which is the visual identity of your business. This will offer a moment of recognition when your market comes in contact with your visual material. … Work on your visuals here.

Create Brand experience

The shopping behavior of your ideal customer has changed significantly, and so have the methods for getting their attention. You like to learn their buying process and the 4 customer touch points? … > Soon available

Execute the Brand

The success of a business is to be find in consistency. Add measurement and analysis to your strategies, to evaluate the efficiency of your marketing efforts, and to improve your leads and sales. … > Soon available


Final feedback and thoughts on my journey writing this Step by Step Marketing Guide. … > Soon available

Geert is very creative and at the same time very organized. A quality that allows him to be the perfect coordinator of events. In addition to master as well three languages and obtained contacts all over the world.

Paloma Martín Valero

Paloma Martín Valero

Director Way to Spanish

Geert has everything: speed, reliability, professionalism, in addition education as well, because a lot I have learned. With the logo he designed, I am very pleased as well with the indications and I know much more now about that huge unknown world. I value the work done (and I say this with all sincerity) a 10.

Nano Nava Prieto

Nano Nava Prieto

Director La Baniella
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