Business marketing guide ebook

The Step by Step Business Marketing Guide provides you the essential marketing actions and skills to overcome all your business challenges & needs.

Do you want a solution to all your business challenges & needs?
Intro | Business marketing guide introduction

01 . Passion & Dedication

You can’t build a successful business if your attitude withhold you to do so!

Fear of failure?

Learn to cultivate a business attitude set for success!
Chapter 1 | Cultivate your business attitude

Feeling forced to work long hours?

Learn to reach your business goals in small steps!
Chapter 2 | Set your business objectives & goals

02 . Brand & Identity

You can’t get your business on the run, if you don’t stand out in your target market!

Problem finding your ideal client?

Learn to be more efficient with market research!
Chapter 3 | Market research … What is your brand DNA

Fear for your competition?

Learn to reach your potential clients!
Chapter 4 | Branding … Identify your brand identity

Not knowing how to stand out?

Learn to stand out in your target market!
Chapter 5 | Corporate Identity … Develop brand elements

03 . Action & Participation

No way you can reach your customers if you don’t use the correct marketing techniques!

Lack of marketing knowledge and skills?

Learn to set up an effective marketing strategy!
Chapter 6 | Inbound marketing … Create brand experience

04 . Analysis & Execution

You can’t speak about success if you have no idea your marketing is creating results!

Not knowing if you are efficient?

Learn to analyse if your marketing is efficient!
Chapter 7 | Return On Investment … Manage the brand

Marketing consultant Geert De Decker

Who is Geert De Decker?

We have reached a point at which it is even difficult for specialists to follow the rapidly evolving technology and changes in the market. A situation that will increase the years to come, and will challenge many small businesses. To tackle these challenges I became an all-round marketing consultant & web designer, supported by my international projects and activities. As an all-rounder I combine in my tasks various commercial and creative skills with digital knowledge.

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  • 2018 The final frontier
  • May ... After moving to a new headquarter and getting this new space ready, I am ready to slowly picking up the Step by Step Business Marketing Guide project again.

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